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Automating Sandcastle with MSBuild and Other Tools

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Taming Sandcastle: A .NET Programmer's Guide to Documenting Your Code (Excellent!)

Integrating sandcastle into build process to generate MSDN style documentation

CodePlex: MSBuild script for Sandcastle

Setting up automated builds with sandcastle

.NET Projects: Generating Documentation with Sandcastle

Joe in Iowa – A Sandcastle Scenario

Stack Overflow: Build Sandcastle Documentation When Building Visual Studio Project


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FxCop 10.0 Download

FxCop, Your .NET Cop (A really nice overview)

MSDN: Using FxCopCmd

MSDN: Adding FxCopCmd to Your Build Process

SlideShare: Automating Code Standards Using StyleCop and FxCop

Automating Code Review Tools – Part I

Automating Code Review Tools – FxCop – Part III

Why FxCop is essential

MSDN Magazine: Three Vital FXCop Rules

StyleCop Home Page and Download


Web.config Hierarchy and Security

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ASP.NET Configuration File Hierarchy and Inheritance

ASP.NET Configuration Scenarios

How to: Configure Specific Directories Using Location Settings

How to: Lock ASP.NET Configuration Settings

Securing ASP.NET Configuration

Continuous Integration and Build Servers

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Best Way of Automating Daily Build - Stack Overflow

CI Feature Matrix - ThoughtWorks




Jenkins - An extendable open source continuous integration server

Visual Build - $295+

Apache Continuum - Continuous Integration and Build Server

The Build Server: Your Project's Heart Monitor - Coding Horror

The Road To Build Enlightenment


.Net PDB Files and Debug Info

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PDB Files: What Every Developer Must Know - John Robbins' Blog
A .NET PDB only contains two pieces of information, the source file names and their lines and the local variable names. All the other information is already in the .NET metadata so there is no need to duplicate the same information in a PDB file.
How to read PDB files

Converting a managed PDB into a XML file. - Matching debug information (PDB to EXE/DLL)

ChkMatch - Check matching between the executable and the debug information file.

Deploying .PDB files in IIS. Any benefit?

Should one go to Production with a DEBUG Build?

Debug vs. Release - The Best of Both Worlds

Making an Image Easier to Debug

Inside site precompilation and no-compile pages (ASP.Net)
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