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.Net Assembly References

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Determining .NET Assembly and Method References - AssemblyRefs and MethodRefs Utility

SYSK 27: What you need to know about referenced assemblies in VS2005
* "Visual Studio 2005 provides the Specific Version property of the assembly reference."

Stack Overflow: .net reference specificversion true or false?

Visual Studio 2008 – Project Reference Oddness

Stack Overflow: How to change the loading path of references in .NET?
* "When you create an AppDomain you can define a path for loading assemblies. Set AppDomainSetup.PrivateBinPath and pass to AppDomain.Create domain."
* "you can try handling the Appdomain.AssemblyResolve event that is raised anytime .net cant locate an assembly. there you can implement custom logic to locate and load assemblies from anywhere. the AssemblyResolve eventhandler jsut returns either the assembly that is beeing looked for or null, so you could return the already loaded Core.dll from available from the AppDomain.GetAssemblies() method."

Stack Overflow: When are referenced Assemblies loaded?
* "When you enter a method that references a type in another assembly."

Stack Overflow: How do I determine the dependencies of a .NET application?

When to Change File/Assembly Versions

Inside .NET assemblies (part 1)
* Includes "Definitions of .NET acronyms"

Inside .NET Assemblies (part 2)
* Includes "Changing referenced assembly versions" and "Adding search paths for the CLR to look in"

MSDN: <bindingRedirect> Element

.NET assembly dependency analyser
* Creates graphical trees

Assembly Identity

Loading Multiple Versions of same Assembly
.NET Framework: Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types Part 2
* Warning: Framework 1.x

Using Assemblies in Microsoft .NET and C#
* Warning: Framework 1.x