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Programmatically Updating Web References in .Net

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How do I automatically update a web reference at build time?

.NET Web Services II... on DotNetJohn

CmdHelper -  Generating the WSDL from a web service assembly (without the need to start a web server for that)

Automatic updating web reference .NET

Building a Better WSDL.EXE

Generate proxy code for a web service dynamically

In Visual Studio, the Update Web Reference command in a Web Site "project" creates:
* ServiceName.disco
* ServiceName.wsdl
* ServiceName.discomap
* It does not create a CS file at this point

In Visual Studio, the Update a Web Reference command in other project types creates:
* ServiceName.disco
* ServiceName.wsdl
* (same file type as .discomap)
* Reference.cs

Web Services Discovery Tool (Disco.exe) -
  You pass it a URL and it creates these files:
  * ServiceName.wsdl
  * ServiceName.disco
  * results.discomap
  * It can create an XSD file also, but I don't have an example of this to work from ;-(

Web Services Description Language Tool (Wsdl.exe) -
  You pass it the path to a .disco file and it creates:
  * WhateverWeTellIt.cs