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Facebook Groups vs. Pages

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Facebook Groups

  • Has a set look for all groups
  • Can enable or disable discussion board, wall, photos, videos, links, related groups, related events
  • Cannot rearrange elements on the group's web page
  • Limited amount of basic info you can post at the top of the group's web page
  • Can easily message all group members
  • Can change your group type at any time
  • When a group administrator posts to the group, it appears as though that individual posted it
  • Group admins' names appear on the group's web page

Facebook Pages

  • Starts out with a "wall" page that shows recent posts, like individual profiles
  • Supports multiple "tabs" (or "pages") that can have different content
  • Can include any applications you want (wall, photos, etc) on different tabs
  • Allows you to add blocks of artibrary HTML so you can show anything you want
  • Allows you to rearrange the applications on the page
  • No way to easily message all page fans
  • Cannot change the page type after it's created
  • When a group administrator posts to the group, it appears as though the page posted it
  • Page admins' names do not appear on the web page
  • Provides a Facebook "badge" you can put on your other websites that includes the logo, name and counts of updates and fans
  • Allows you to have a "username" for your page so you can have a shorter URL


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