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System.Transactions.TransactionScope in .Net

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I recently had some problems with using TransactionScope and here are some related articles I found.

Unwanted promotion using TransactionScope on MSDN Social

System.Transactions LTM "limitation" by @kjellsj

System.Transactions LTM - promoting to DTC by @kjellsj

System.Transactions - Nesting Scopes, Enlist Connection in Transaction by @kjellsj

A few System.Transactions gotchas by @kjellsj

System.Transactions namespace on MSDN

ADO.NET and System.Transactions by John Papa

How do i enable MSTDC on sqlserver? on StackOverflow

A ConnectionScope class. MS Data Access blog

Lightweight Promotable Transactions, SqlDataReader and Commitment. MS Data Access Blog

Whidbey ADO.NET Promotable Transactions with System.Transactions & Yukon - Angel Saenz-Badillos

Unit Testing in .Net

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I'm just starting to look into Unit Testing and here are some introductory things I found.

Stack Overflow: What is unit testing?

Stack Overflow: What are good Unit Testing examples in C#?

Stack Overflow: .NET Unit Testing packages? The Zero Friction Unit Testing Add-In for Microsoft Visual Studio ($)

NUnit Quick Start

NUnit Best Practices - Scott White's Tech Blog

.NET Projects: Unit Testing with NUnit


For My Coworkers

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SharePoint Document Library Features

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SharePoint document libraries provide a number of advanced document management features. Here is an overview I put together for SharePoint 2007.

One thing to keep in mind is that some features, such as Check Out, Version History, Draft Versions and Content Approval, are turned on or off for the entire document library. For example, it is not possible to have only certain files or folders within the library use version history while others do not. You need to create separate document libraries if you need different features used with different documents. For example, you may want one library for your more important documents that requires check out, content approval and version history, while you have a second library for "every day" documents that do not require any of these features.


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