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What Browsers Are Used to Access Our Site

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Looking through our statistics for the first six months of 2008, the major browsers used to while visiting our site were:

  • IE 6.0, used by 32.6% of visitors
  • IE 7.0, used by 49.1% of visitors
  • Firefox 2.0 and 3.0, used by 11% of visitors

Other browsers did not show up much:

  • IE 5.5 and earlier was used by 0.5% of visitors
  • Firefox 1.x was used by around 2% of visitors
  • Netscape was used by 0.1% of visitors (including one visit from Netscape 0.6!?)
  • Safari was used by 1.8% of visitors
  • Mozilla was used by 1% of visitors
  • Opera was used by less than 0.1% of visitors

Some interesting user agents that showed up now and then include: Galeon (GNOME web browser)

  • Firebird (old Firefox)
  • WebTV Browser (63 hits!)
  • Konqueror
  • Camino (a Mac OS X-native browser)
  • Lynx
  • MS Pocket IE
  • Nokia PDA Browser
  • BlackBerry
  • WGet
  • cURL
  • Python and Java libraries

Some thoughts based on these stats:

  • I'm surprised how quickly IE 7.0 has made it out there to almost 50% of our visitors.
  • IE 6.0 is still around and we have account for that in our development.
  • IE 5.5 is not around much any more, making it one less major browser to worry about.
  • Opera is barely used by our visitors, something that does not surprise me in the end.
  • Firefox is not used as much as I would have thought, but it's still our number 2 browser.
  • Lots of unusual browsers access the site, but not very often.

From this it looks like we need to focus our design efforts on IE 6.0+ and Firefox 2.0+. If we can create an accessible site that looks good in both, we're probably covered for the other browsers.



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