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What Operating Systems Are Used to Access Our Site

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Based on our website stats from the first half of 2008, the following operating systems where our major visitors:

  • Windows XP, used by 78.8% of visitors
  • Windows Vista, used by 9.2% of visitors
  • Macintosh OS X, used by 2.8% of visitors
  • Linux operating systems were used by 1% of visitors

Some interesting operating systems:

  • Windows CE had 210 hits
  • Windows 2003, a server OS, 10776 hits. Could these be from our internal servers?
  • Windows 3.x has six hits
  • OS/2 had eight hits
  • Sun Solaris has six hits
  • BeOS has 1 hit

From these stats we can see that Windows is the main platform used by our visitors. I'm not surprised that Linux is so low, since it's not commonly used by the general population. I am a little surprised that Macs don't make more of an appearance, but perhaps that's because Macs are used by people who are a bit more affluent than our typical client? That’s pure speculation on my part of course.



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