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Testing Your Website on a Macintosh

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The stats on our website for the first half of 2008 indicated that only 3% of our visitors used a Macintosh computer. That's a pretty small amount. It's tough to say iof we should worry about Mac users or not. (Our Managing Attorney over technology uses a Mac, so that's definitly one point for yes.) My major fear is someone in the news media who uses a Mac visits our site and sees it looks crummy on his computer, and then writes us off as unprofessional. So I think it is worth it to do at least some basic testing of our site on a Mac.

According to a Mac using friend of mine: "Safari and Firefox are the most popular browsers on the Mac. Camino was developed by the makers of Firefox but it is a ground-up mac application as opposed to Firefox which is adapted for the Mac."

Now, if you have a Mac, then you have no problem obviously. ;)

If you have a Windows machine, it may be a bit more of a problem.

You can now download Safari for Windows to get an idea of what your website would look like: has a review of Apple's Safari for Windows from a Web Developer's Point of View.

Browsrcamp can give you a free screen capture of what your site looks like on a Mac with Safari (it doesn't say what version though). You can pay if you want more Mac browser options.

Another option appears to be an Abobe AIR application called Scout that uses the Safari layout engine. The technique is described here. The post is a little old and I haven't tried it myself. has a good (but old) discussion on some options.

Of course the best option is to find someone with a Mac...



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