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Internet Explorer Document Modes

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Interoperable HTML5 Quirks Mode in IE10

Activating Browser Modes with Doctype

Compatibility View and "Smart Defaults"

META Tags and Locking in Future Compatibility

MSDN: Defining document compatibility
"If Internet Explorer encounters a webpage that doesn't contain a <!DOCTYPE> element, it opens the page in quirks mode, which can lead to several unexpected side-effects if you're unfamiliar with the directive. For more info, see How to Enable Standards Support."

MSDN: Specifying legacy document modes
"Note  As of Internet Explorer 10, quirks mode behaves differently than it did in earlier versions of the browser. In Windows Internet Explorer 9 and earlier versions, quirks mode restricted the webpage to the features supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5. In Internet Explorer 10, quirks mode conforms to the differences specified in the HTML5 specification. For more info, see Specifying legacy document modes."

MSDN: document.documentMode property (Internet Explorer)

MSDN: document.compatMode property (Internet Explorer)

Internet Explorer 8 document and browser modes

Testing sites with Browser Mode vs. Doc Mode


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